Exciting new stuff on this one. Check it out, use it in our beta version and as always – get excited for it to move to the official 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO Version very soon 😉

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New Publish Window with New Virtual Tour Formats

  • Added new publish format "To 360º video" which converts and publishes your virtual tour as a 360º video so it can be uploaded to YouTube and other platforms. This obviously maximises the reach of your virtual tour and allows you to post your tour on platforms that would othrwise not support virtual tour formats.
  • Added "Blending" option in Video Hotspot to easily blend the video into the scene.
  • Added "Apply Chroma" option in Video Hotspot.
  • Added "At End" event in actions for Video Hotspot.
  • Added Windows / Mac selector in the Autoexecutable publication.
  • Supported Animated PNG (APNG) format in Hotspots. This format allows better quality than GIF and is VR compatible.
  • Supported DNG format in Panorama.
  • Supported several RAW formats in Albums/Floorplans.
  • Supported WAV format for sounds.
  • Improved the loading/processing time with images in the application.
  • The Publish popup has a new design.
  • Other minor issues.


Have trouble finding these new features?

Don't worry, if you're using 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO, that's normal. These functions have only just been implemented in our beta version, a parallel program which we have just opened up to the public as well. This beta version can be described as the future version of our official software. New functions appear here before making an appearance to the masses and being introduced publicly to all of you in 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO. So, yes, all these functions will migrate to the official 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO version as soon as they are 100% stable, reliable and ready for you. Want to find out more about this beta version? Click here.

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