NEW UPDATE 2018.3.0: Highly improved speed and more

  • Improved the loading speed in the Player.
  • Added over 90 animated hotspots to the library.
  • Added Font Size resizable option in "Edit Styles" popup for Label, Multiline Text, Button, DropDown, Tab Panel and ThumbnailList components.
  • Added "Hotspot" action. You can trigger click actions from another place, or play/pause/stop a video hotspot.
  • Added "Visible/Invisible" option in the hotspot list for Panoramas and Video 360.
  • Added "Show/Hide Hotspots" action.
  • Added "Popup Gap", "Popup Padding", "Don't Change Default Text" and "Horizontal Align" options for Dropdown component.
  • Added "Text" for Button components in Pressed state.
  • Added "RollOver" state for Button component in Toggle mode.
  • Added "Pressed RollOver" state for Button and DropDown components.
  • Added "Group" option for Buttons with "Toggle" mode. Group several buttons with a single name where only one of them will be in pressed state.
  • Added "VR Distance" option for Hotspots, "Open Popup Image/Video (VR)" actions and Caps so they can be displayed in 3D.
  • Added "Force Quality" option in the Export Settings panel for Videos and 360 Videos. Currently if the video is an MP4 file with H264 codec and its original resolution doesn't change then the video is copied. Enable this new option to force the video conversion and reduce its size.
  • Changed the preview level values in Loading tab (None, Color, Color (Fast), Black & White, Black & White (Fast)).

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