Tutorial on Virtual Staging (by swapping panoramas)

This is how we created our New York City Loft Tour. What's so special about this tour is a) it's been created with panoramic CAD images and b)it features Virtual Staging – great for architects, photographers and realtors (or just anyone wanting to compare and simulate different scenarios).

A 360º interactive virtual tour that lets you switch through stages or options – that's our approach on Virtual Staging. You may know that staged homes generally sell easier and for more money than vacant homes, simply because it is difficult to visualize the potential of a home when it's empty. If, on top of that, you can have your customer virtually walk through and explore the object (maybe even in a VR headset) while skipping through furniture styles, you're impressing with much more than just photorealistic images.

What do I need to create those?

Have CADs already? Just export them as panoramas, import them into 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO and follow the steps shown in the video.

The new functions that you need for this are:

  1. Creating Custom Playlists (and moving to the previous or next element in there) &
  2. Maintaining the same view direction when opening the new media (so it looks like you're JUST switching furniture on or off, while technically you are loading an entirely new panorama)

In this tutorial, we are showing you where to find these settings and how to create an impressive virtual tour with (furniture) options.


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