Virtual Staging 3D Stereo (by swapping panoramas)

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Tour Description:

From CADs to a hyper-realistic, 3D stereo panorama walkthrough that shows every detail of planned projects. Can be 360º with standard or stereo panoramas,

This tour has been created entirely in Cinema 4D and exported as stereo panoramas. This means that each panorama contains two slightly different images, one would show the vision that the left eye has, and the other what the right eye would see. This allows us to view it with VR devices like Oculus and have a total feeling of immersion, since we see the objects as if they were three-dimensional and we perceive the depth of space. Red icons or hotspots have also had their VR depth adjusted so that they blend in and appear to be in the same three-dimensional space as the objects. The result is spectacular, and gives these tours a greater sense of realism and effectiveness. It is much more similar to how we perceive reality through our eyes, which is why the effect is so striking.

There are 3 versions of each space: normal, unfurnished, and wireframe. And we can switch between the different modes while maintaining the current camera position, which allows for smooth transitions between one and the other. All this thanks to the option: Same Spot as current media.

The objects are clickable and show custom-made info windows on the skin. In them there is a description of the product on the right, with price and purchase button. On the left we have a space to show embedded content from another website, in this case 3D models of the "sketchfab" page. This allows to visualize and manipulate 3D objects in an integrated way in our tour.

In short, an example of the possibilities of virtual tours in the field of architecture, design and decoration. And a very effective tool to transfer your projects from your imagination to reality thanks to the precise recreation that we can offer through this type of panorama.


  • CAD Renders
  • Stereo Panoramas
  • VR
  • 3D Embedded Objects
  • Info Windows

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