A couple of months ago, we suggested the idea of a market place where every 3DVista user could buy and sell virtual tour elements, such as skins. buttons etc. The response was overwhelming and so we got on to creating the platform. Today, we are proudly presenting yet another puzzle piece to our 3DVista community: The Market Place.

If there's something that makes 3DVista stand out from its competitors it's its flexibility and power in creating unique and beautiful graphical interfaces and atmospheres for your virtual tours. The possibilities to design, import and combine your very own buttons, menus, sounds and effects offers great potential, but can also be a little bit overwhelming. Creating your very own graphical elements is not always easy and involves a creative process that not everyone always has time for. The new market place is therefore a great option to browse the grey cells and creative minds of other 3DVista users and creators.


You can offer anything from (dual) skins, individual buttons, button sets, complex windows, icons, javascript elements, menus, sounds and tripod caps. You can offer them for sale or for free.

In order to start selling your creations, just sign up as a vendor, providing your paypal account for receiving payments and off you go.

Submission guidelines:

  • Upload your element(s) in a zip file
  • Add a clear and unambiguous description about the element, how to use it etc.
  • Add a link to a virtual tour where your creation can be seen in action
  • Add a few screenshots to illustrate what it would look like and the possibilities

3DVista reserves the right to exclude content at its own discretion or if it is not appropriate.

When uploading your elements, it may take up to a couple of days until they appear in the market.

There's never been an easier way to continuously new skin elements that keep your tours fresh and attractive. And it's a great little extra business for all the amazing virtual tour artists and creative heads among our community (which there are a lot of, you should see some of the samples that reach our support teams).

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