A new mode for the greatly successful Live Guided Tour feature, Split & Twin View Tours, more ADA compliance and so much more.

Here's the list of the most important additions:


  • Added "Dual Viewer" components in the "Misc" Library for the Skin Editor.
    You can now present 2 panoramas at the same time using the Split and Twin Views. Think of Day/Night, Construction Stages, Seasons etc. While Twin View presents the same respective parts of both panoramas in parallel (see left what you see right), Split View actually splits the viewer into two and you can move the slider to convert the left into the right panorama.

Split View:

Twin View:

  • Silent Mode in Live Guided Tours (LGT)
    You may or may not be aware that there were different modes in Live Guided Tours already: Party and Presentation Mode. We've just added a third and very valuable one: Silent Mode. This is targeted to holding events in which one presenter addresses a big audience that does not need to interact at all.  The host communicates with his/her audio only and guests will participate without audio or video, thus minimizing the overall bandwidth used. Due to that, you will be able to host significantly more guests in a Silent Session (depending on your connection and computer performance). As opposed to the other two modes, guests can enter and exit without asking for permission (calling). That way, the host can focus entirely on their presentation.

Original photo: "TEDx" by Jean-Jacques Halans, used under Copyright CC BY © 2015 JJ Halans.
Thumbnail photo "Erin Sullivan: Does photographing a moment steal the experience from you? | TED Talk" by Jasmina Tomic Credit: Jasmina Tomic / TED, used under Copyright CC BY TED Conferences, LLC.

  • Redesigned My Tours tab.
    We made it bigger, easier and more clear. The old design was a bit outdated.

  • Text to Speech:
    Now you can have an automatic narrator read any text of your tour out in any language ( This feature will help your tours to be ADA Compliant). Find the "Text to Speech" panel in the Publish tab with several options to config the voice: volume, rate and pitch.
    (DEVELOPMENT SPONSORED by Simeon Quarrie).
    We also added 3 options in the "Text to Speech" panel so that you can use it automatically in the following areas: questions for E-Learning, tooltips and info windows.

  • Adaptive Video
    Support for "Adaptive Video" in normal videos (minimum 1080p) with the "Export Video to Adaptive" option in the Publish popup. This enables the tour to work with several resolutions and bitrates. It'll detect the visitor's bandwidth and CPU capacity in real time and adjusts the quality of a video stream accordingly, so that the video will always play smoothly .

  • Added "Optimize Images" in the Publish Popup.
    This'll use smart compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG (minimum lossy) / JPEG (lossless) around 10% to 30%.

  • Move with arrow keys (ADA compliant)
    You can now control the movement of a tour using the arrow keys of your keyboard instead of the mouse. Much faster and convenient when you need to move through a lot of scenes to get to an interesting point. This is also a major plus and one of the requirements for ADA compliant tours.

  • Audio for groups of Panoramas
    You can use the same audio track for a number of panoramas. The track will keep playing instead of restarting when you change between panoramas. (Excluding directional audio).

  • New Languages
    Added Italian language (thanks to Giacomo).
    Added Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese languages (thanks to Elton).
  • Fixed the issue for standalone for Mac which reported that the file was damaged if the application wasn't signed.

Minor additions but very cool:

  • PDF files are now opened in the current view if you are using a "Popup Web Frame" action (DEVELOPMENT SPONSORED by Marco Schmidt).
  • Added Google Tag Manager ID in Publish > Social Settings Panel (DEVELOPMENT SPONSORED by Oleg Finger).
  • Added the possibility to add/remove/order panoramas in a Live Panorama (DEVELOPMENT SPONSORED by baufortschritte.de).
  • Improved the PDF viewer in the Tour Viewer and the Auto Executable.
  • Added "Save index file with '.html' extension" option in Preferences.
  • Added "Auto Play" option in the Video Settings panel.
  • Added "Scroll Enabled" option in the "Popup Webframe" action.
  • Added "Set as Default Language" button in the Language subtab with additional languages.
  • Allowed negative gap value in a Container.
  • Added "Arrow Gap" property for Dropdown component in State Styles.
  • Added "Enable Zoom" option in Publish tab > Panorama Settings (Yes, the Forum crowd won this fight!)
  • Added "Move View to the Horizon" option in the Panorama AutoPlay Settings.

New graphical content:

  • Added 2 new skins: Portfolio Side Menu Pink and Vehicles Boat Green.
  • Added 16 new Caps to the Library.
  • Added 16 new Floorplan Hotspots to the Library.

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