Highly anticipated and finally here: As of today, our beta version supports Animated Panoramas. That means you can overlay videos on top of your panorama («video hotspots») making it look like a part of the panorama is animated.

In our first demo, have Markus explain to you the art of perfume making. And, beyond an integrated guide, this new feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities:  Imagine animating a room's TV to make it look like it's turned on, lighting up a fire place for ambience or demonstrating work-flows and machinery by having a conveyor belt start moving.

Feel free to send us your ideas and first Animated Pano Tours to info@3dvista.com. We'd love to see what you guys can come up with!

How it's done

Of course there's gonna be a video tutorial on this very soon. Until then: Shoot your panorama the way you are used to — whether with a 360º camera or with your DSLR.  Inside 3DVista VT PRO beta, you can then draw a video hotspot into your panorama and insert the video into the panorama so it smoothly integrates into the environment.

Download the VT PRO beta version here:

32 bits -> Click here
64 bits -> Click here

Mac -> Click here

You can download and use the VT PRO beta parallel to your normal VT PRO version: It’s a separate program for download but works with your standard license (or as a trial, of course). This way you can test and use cutting-edge technology before anyone else without compromising your official VT PRO version at all. To find out what exactly our beta is, read this.

Of course, this feature will soon be implemented into the official (non-beta) 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO version, too.

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