We get this question so many times that it's worth dedicating it its own entire blog post.

When I open the tour, I see a window asking for permission to enable audio or video. How can I delete that window?

Enable Audio & Video 2

Bad news: That is a browser-thing that can't be controlled by or through 3DVista. It's a security measure that all browsers implemented.

Good news: There's a (legal) work-around for it in 3DVista. Check it out:

Quite a while ago, all major browsers implemented this security setting that prevents any website from playing audio or video without express permission. This should make sure that there are "no surprises" in terms of sounds coming from background windows etc. In terms of your virtual tours that means that the audience will be shown this window by default, whenever your first panorama or media carries video or audio. While you can't switch that off, there is a work-around for it. Instead of having your tour start automatically as soon as it is loaded, you can make it start upon click. That will count as your click, making sure you are present and wanting to open this tour, thus skipping the permission window.

loading screen click highilighted

Here's how:

  • Go to the "Publish" tab
  • Go to the "Loading" subtab
  • Import/Create your loading screen (ideally with an indication to "click to start")
  • On the right, under "Initialization" select "On Click". Done.


If you don't want to change your loading screen and continue to load the tour automatically as soon as it is ready, there is another option for you:

While, in that case, we can't skip the click completely either, we can skip the window in the loading screen. If you choose "Play Button" instead of "Window" under "Enable Audio/Video" on the right hand side, your audience will see the loading screen as normal (no permission window), the tour will start as soon as it is loaded and THEN they'll see a Play Button on top of the first media. They need to click that play to start running the tour with its audio.

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