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Tour Description:

Add some life to your panoramas by adding embedded videos that give the WOW effect to your tours. Ideal for providing extra information in a realistic way.

This tour is a demo of what could be the virtual version of the "El Patio de los Perfumes" store, located in Granada (Spain). A beautiful place full of history that offers a careful selection of products, and workshops where you can learn about this ancient art of perfume making.

The highlight of this tour is that, with the use of technology, we can have our "virtual" clerk available to explain everything about the store. Through short video explanations, you can guide us and inform us about your products, services, workshops, etc. as if it were a real person. This makes the visiting and shopping experience much more satisfactory, more personal, in contrast to a classic online store. We are used to going to shops, moving around their spaces, seeing the products in an environment and their decoration … with a virtual tour we get a very similar experience, with the advantage of being able to do it remotely, from home. The tour also allows, among its options, to put it in VR mode and be able to view it with Virtual Reality glasses, making the experience much more realistic and immersive.

On a technical level, the tour consists of a series of panoramas, on which video hotspots are superimposed, initially paused and invisible, which are reproduced when clicked. These videos were recorded with the same camera and position from which the panorama was made, and only the part that surrounds the moving character was cut out. Later, these videos were treated and inserted into the panorama so that their position exactly coincided with the background. There are also a number of product hotspots, which open popup images with detailed photos. The images and videos were retouched adding and improving the focus, color, contrast …

The tour was shot with a low-priced, portable 360 ​​camera, a Ricoh. The quality and definition are not very high, but it serves as an example that great means are not needed to achieve quite striking results, and that anyone can have a virtual tour of their premises at a low cost. The advantages of having a virtual version of a business are innumerable, but among the most obvious we can highlight the possibility of reaching millions of people remotely and not depending on schedules or clerks and being able to offer multi-language content.


  • Standard Panoramas
  • Animated Panoramas (Video Hotspots)
  • Audios
  • Popup Photos
  • VR

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