Virtual Medical Training

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Tour Description:

This is a classic e-learning or training virtual tour. Based on interlinked panoramas and 360º vídeos it places the user inside a medical training facility and asks him to detect hazards ("Count to Score" actions) or reply to questions and protocol matters ("Question Card" actions). Link this to your LMS system to keep track of your student's performances.

This new form of training exploits the interactive and multimedia possibilities of virtual tours, making teaching a much more attractive and effective experience. Being able to place yourself in the middle of a real operating room and try to find the possible protocol problems that you can see, or answer the questions that appear about the image itself, and that are supported by photos, videos (normal or 360), 3D objects, etc., can make a big difference in how students acquire and internalize knowledge. In addition, being planned in the form of a game, it makes it much more entertaining, and encourages you to want to improve yourself and improve your score.

The tour can be enjoyed in the same way on mobile devices or tablets, thanks to an interface adapted for these versions. The elements have been repositioned and adjusted to make the experience just as optimal.

The skin has been built to show at all times the items found and those that remain to be found, the score in each scene, total score, time remaining… and at the bottom we can see the progress (numerically and in a bar-shaped visual). All this through the use of "variables" related to the e-learning options. Thus the user can see at all times in what state his training is. In addition, at the end of the tour you can see a summary or final result with your score, having the possibility of downloading it in .csv and repeating the training for improvement.

This training combines both the use of contextualized questions (supported by audiovisual material), as well as the ability to find protocol failures and their subsequent teaching through information windows with multimedia content (photo, video, pdfs, 3d objects…). There are also examples of chained questions.

With the "translation" function, all the content has been translated into Spanish, so that when a user enters the tour, it distinguishes its source language and automatically shows the correct version.

The material for this tour has been shot with an Insta 360 Pro (360º panoramas and videos) and DSLR cameras for standard photos and videos.


  • E-Learning
  • Quiz Cards
  • Hidden Hazards for hunt
  • Skin score
  • Dual skin
  • 360º Videos
  • Videos
  • Interactive Images
  • Multilanguage

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