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Build your brand and provide extra value to your customers with your very own mobile app – to be found on Apple App Store and Google Play. Choose between an app for one specific virtual tour, a Portfolio App with all your tours visible to anyone or an app which allows your customers to log in and access their designated tours privately (this may require several 3DVista Hosting accounts).



The creation of a Branded App is a “one-time job”, so you will not depend on any work by us in the future in order to update your virtual tours or content inside. We create the framework and link it to your hosting account(s), so that anything you add, change or delete on there will be automatically mirrored inside your app. This makes you completely independent from 3Dvista.

The branded app has a similar structure and functionality as the complementary 3DVista app – but with your own name, branding, colors, images and the option to choose between two app types (see below).

We commit to updating your app from a technical standpoint for a period of 2 years after contract to make sure it will always work on iOS and Android, no matter the changes they come up with. The following elements found in the complementary 3DVista application will be customized:


Replacing 3DVista App Icon with client’s own icon and app name. This can be your corporate logo or a logo representing the tour if your app is for one virtual tour only.


Replacing Loading/Splash Screen with client’s one (to be provided by client). You will be able to change the background, center logo and footer.

App Type

Choose between 2 options

Type A

App containing 1 Virtual tour

This is an App for one virtual tour, be it a museum, a luxury home or a special sight. You can now offer your customers their dedicated “museum app” along with the virtual tour that you’re creating for them.  Once the App is opened, after showing the Splash Page, it will automatically open the tour in full screen and optimized for the device it is being played on. 

When the tour opens you will see the tour’s loading screen and subsequently the first media. The user will be able to navigate through the tour just as he would in a virtual tour on a website or received via link.

There will be no About section or Menu (other than a menu that your actual virtual tour may feature).

Type B

App containing Several Virtual Tours

This type of app allows you to show as many virtual tours as you have hosted on your 3DVista Cloud Hosting, whether you show only your tours, or allow other users (e.g. different clients) to log in with their 3DVista hosting account to find theirs. Manually uploaded tours can also be displayed for viewing from the Offline tab. Optionally, the online tours can also be downloaded to view them offline.

Immediately after the app’s Splash screen, the app will display a Home Screen, which shows a carousel section of “Highlighted Tours” and two tabs on the bottom.

More Options

(Only for Type B App)

Only your tours or multiuser's app?

Portfolio App

Without Log-in:

Leads straight to a list of virtual tours that are publicly visible to anyone who downloads your app. Anyone will be able to download the tours so that they appear in his/her Offline tab and can be seen without connection. You will be showing the same virtual tours to any user of your app (your 3DVista Hosting account will be linked to this tab and all of its content is mirrored). App content will dynamically adjust and update according to the files uploaded to your hosting account via 3DVista VT PRO.

Different Clients

With Log-in:

Maintains the log-in option from the 3Dvista app inside the Online tab with the possibility for various users to log in to their individual hosting accounts and see the tours hosted on their respective accounts. No publicly shown virtual tours (other than the “Highlighted Tours” at the start of the app). Only users who are familiar with the username and password will be able to log in and access the tours. 

This may require the use of various 3DVista Hosting Accounts. App content will dynamically adjust and update according to the hosting account associated with the logged-in account. The same log-in data (username & password) will be used by a) the virtual tour creator for uploading the tours from 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO and b) by the app's user when logging in to the online tab.

Offline tours?

Once the app is downloaded, users can optionally be allowed to access the phone/tablet memory and manually copy their published tours. This way, these tours will appear in the app’s Offline tab to be viewed offline on the device they’ve been downloaded to.

Your app’s users could copy any tour (not necessarily tours related to you), so it is up to you to decide whether you want to enable this feature in your app or not.

Highlighted Tours?

These are the carousel tours that appear as “Home” screen right after the app’s loading screen. We’d delete or replace this “Highlighted Tours” Section that you may know from the complementary 3DVista Mobile App with your own virtual tours or jpg.

You have the option to Delete this Section (instead the splash image will appear as background), or Replace with different Tours.

*In order for you as the app owner to manage what is shown in the Highlighted Tours yourself, you need to download a file with a .json that you must customize and a folder of images, which you must replace with your own (keeping the same formats and sizes). You then upload everything to a server (you can use a free hosting service) and indicate to us the url of the .json file so we can implement it in your app.

“About Us” Section (optional)

Add an "About Us" section to your app. Upload your image where you can display information about the application, the company or any personalized content you want.

Your app will then contain a new button in the menu to access it.

Translations (optional)

The app is multi-language, which means it will automatically display in the language of the device it is installed on (or in English if the device language is not supported). The supported languages are English, Spanish and German. If you want the app specifically in a language that 3DVista does not support, you can send us the translation and we will include it.

App Format

By default, your app can be displayed vertically and horizontally, both on mobile or tablet. The content automatically adapts to each situation. Let us know if you want to force the app to display only in a Portrait or Landscape format.

Style Customization

The following parts in the menus and buttons of your branded App can be customized (colors, logo, etc…). 


Development time of a Branded Mobile App is approximately 10 working days starting from the point where 3DVista received your sign up form with all the data and material.

The rest of the process is completely up to Google and Apple, and it could take from 3 days to several weeks.


For App Type 1 (only one tour), all you need is a virtual tour created with VTPro (with a specific option checked). This tour can be hosted on any server.

For App Type 2, you need to be in possession of a valid license for 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO and at least one 3DVista hosting account. Every tour stored on a connected hosting account will automatically be shown inside the app. In case of log-in (multiuser app), every possible log-in account inside the app will need its own dedicated hosting account.

to the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)


In this case, once the app is developed, we will give you the final files (.apk and .ipa) necessary for uploading, and you will take care of the rest.

If you do not already have a developer account, you’ll need to create one on both platforms (which costs $99/year for iOS and $25/one-time payment for Android) and complete the entire process for publishing (configuring the app, uploading all the material required, fill in all the questionnaires, etc.). More info about Apple Store here and Google Play here.

Additionally, for iOS, you will have to create a certificate and send us your data (you’ll receive a form by us with instructions for it).

The advantage of this option is that you or your company will appear as the developer of your app in the stores, as if you had created it yourself. You can also update the information that appears in the stores whenever you want, and respond to comments and ratings made about the app.



Automatic Publishing

(The 3DVista Team will do the process for you):

Skip creating a developer account and uploading the app yourself by letting us do the whole job for you. Once you purchase our Branded Mobile App, we will send you a form where you fill in all the data we need to upload your app (names, descriptions, category, tags, content questionnaires, etc.) and leave everything well configured for publication.

With this option, you save the cost and time of creating a developer account for both platforms, as well as the certificate for iOS. We will publish your Branded App from the 3DVista account (3DVista will appear as the developer but the app itself will still carry your name and have your logo). You can see examples of other Branded Apps published by 3DVista here.

In this publication mode comments/evaluations about the App cannot be answered.

Apps uploaded by 3DVista cannot be for sale.



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