Fleming College Toronto (FCT)

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Tour Description:

Fleming College Toronto, a partnership between Fleming College and Trebas Institute Ontario, brings forth unique business programs in Toronto’s dynamic Midtown. This collaboration, combining Fleming's established academic programs with Trebas Institute's extensive postsecondary experience, sets new benchmarks in delivering premium education to international students.

The FCT virtual tour serves as a prime example of using digital innovation to foster international recruitment and strengthen partnership relations. By offering an immersive and detailed online experience, the virtual tour positions FCT—and by extension, GUS Canada—as an attractive and progressive educational partner. It serves not just as a marketing tool, but as a platform to showcase the strengths and potential of such collaborations, making FCT a case study in successful joint ventures in education.

The virtual tour is a multipurpose tool in FCT’s marketing arsenal. Used directly by the college for student outreach, it also becomes a vital asset for recruitment agents worldwide. These agents, equipped with this engaging and informative resource, can more effectively advocate for FCT to prospective students. The tour not only showcases the campus but also acts as a narrative that recruitment agents can use to illustrate the vibrant student life and academic rigor that FCT offers.

Camera and Audio Equipment:

  • 360 Panoramic and Video Capture: Utilized Manfrotto tripod, Nodal Ninja NN4 panohead, Sony a7S iii body, and Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 fisheye lens with e-mount adaptor.
  • Audio Recording: Employed Rode Go lav wireless system and Zoom PodTrak 4-channel XLR recorder.
  • Panoramic Capture Method: Executed -3, 0, +3 bracketed shots, with 6 shots across at a -15° horizon and an additional zenith shot.
  • Miscellaneous: Included iPad teleprompter and light stand for enhanced video production.

Software Utilized:

  • Virtual Tour Design & Development: 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro.
  • Panoramic Stitching: PTGui Pro.
  • Post Production: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop for panoramic images; Adobe After Effects, and Pro Tools for audio, video, and compositing.

Production Process:

  • Conducted UX & UI consulting and ideation, including interactive design prototyping and storyboarding.
  • Scoped facilities both virtually and in-person for optimal user flow and shot list.
  • Completed on-site 360 photography and videography using specialized equipment.
  • Engaged in extensive photo and video post production.
  • Designed and developed the tour in 3DVista VTP, with collaborative client feedback stages.
  • Custom app development for Meta Quest 2, iOS, and Android.
  • Hosted and maintained on 360Pros’s virtual private servers, with web analytics integrated via Google Analytics and Looker Studio.

Special Technical Details:

  • Carefully captured 360 panoramic imagery with background actors in still positions, immediately followed by on-location filming of a video presenter, not using greenscreen.
  • Composited video and 360 panoramas in After Effects to blend the elements seamlessly.
  • Initially planned for stereoscopic capture, but due to time constraints, created stereo pairs from monoscopic panoramas through manual depth-map generation.

Multimedia Elements and Key Features:

  • VR Capabilities: Compatible with Google Cardboard and Meta Quest 2, featuring stereoscopic panoramas for an immersive experience.
  • Video Hotspots & Guided Tour: Integrated a school spokesperson into 20 different 360 panoramas, acting as a virtual tour guide.
  • Special Effects: Audio and visual elements, including background characters interacting with campus elements and ambient sound effects for immersion.
  • Drone 360 Panoramas: Provides neighborhood context and an impressive view of the location and campus.
  • Interactive Floor Plan: Custom-designed with building and floor selector tools, clickable 360 scenes, and orientation radar.
  • Accessibility Features: Intro voiceover and subtitles.
  • Onboarding Tooltips: Utilizes 3DVista's autopilot features for enhanced user guidance.

Links and Company Information:

  • Mobile VR Applications: Available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.
  • About 360Pros: 360Pros is a premier virtual tour production studio, committed to forging rich, human connections to physical spaces where people learn, live, work, and play.
  • PR: LinkedIn Article

Creator: 360º Pros


  • 360º Panoramas
  • Drone 360 Panoramas
  • Animated Panoramas (Video Hotspots)
  • Special Effects: Audio and visual elements
  • Interactive Floorplans
  • Accessibility with voiceovers and subtitles
  • Dual Skin
  • VR apps

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