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Why do I have to pay for Upgrades

You don't have to pay for Upgrades. You can use your software without paying anything after the initial purchase and we will constantly support you with free Updates that improve performance and convenience. So we will always have your back to guarantee, that what you once purchased, continues to be valuable to you.

However, we also continuously launch completely new features, add-ons and functions that go beyond mere updates. Rather than releasing entirely new products for that, which you'd have to buy from scratch, we release these by means of Upgrades to our existing software. This keeps things easier for you as you won't have to migrate your work to new software versions every time you wish to have a new feature. And it's a fraction of the cost, too. Upon purchasing the software license, we give you a year of upgrades for free. After that, you can decide, at any point, to purchase a year worth of upgrades for 149€. This will give you life-long access to any and all new features that we launch throughout that year. You can even decide to skip upgrades for a while, then purchase a year of upgrades later and you'll not only get the ones being launched throughout that year but also all past upgrades that you had "saved" on, too.

You can view and manage your Upgrade plan directly from VTPro by accessing the Help menu and selecting the "View my Upgrades Plan" option.