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Can I use a tour's URL to define or modify the panorama or media with which the tour will start (deep linking)?

You can now have one and the same virtual tour start at different points or media, depending on its exact URL. This allows you to send a link that alters the initial media from the one you determined in the tour's playlist to the one you determine there and then in the URL. This way, you can send different links (with different start points) to different people or incorporate shortcut buttons on your website – one that'll start the tour with an intro video, one that'll start right in the master bedroom and one that'll take you straight to the kitchen panorama. And the best thing is you only have to create and host one single virtual tour.
There are two ways to alter the initial media by means of its URL:

  • A) Take the standard URL of your tour and add a parameter called "media-index", followed by a number between 1 and N (N being the total number of media elements included in your tour). 1 would have the tour start at the first media element of your playlist, N would be the last. You can find the order of your media elements in the "Publish" tab under "Playlist".
  • B) Take the standard URL of your tour and add a parameter called "media-name", followed by the name of the media you want to start with (the name you gave that media inside VT PRO). Keep in mind that a URL does not support special characters, such as accents, umlauts etc. If your media name includes a non-supported character, you need to include an encode as well: E.g. Media name: "Martín", URL add-on: "Mart%C3%ADn". For this, use a website, such as https://www.urlencoder.org

To specify the initial media, add "?media-index=NUMBER" or "?media-name=NAME" to the tour's URL. If there already is a "?" in your standard URL, insert "&media-index=NUMBER" or "&media-name=NAME" instead.
E.g.: "/tour/index.html?media-index=3"

To see the complete list of parameters that can be applied to the url of a tour visit our post: URL-Parameters to control a virtual tour