The Importance of Optimizing 3D Models

Ensuring the proper display of your tours with 3D models so they are fluid, smooth, and fast is of paramount importance. For this reason, optimizing your 3D models has become an essential component, especially in projects where the complexity and detail of the elements are particularly high. In situations like these, where scenes are intricate and detailed, it's crucial to ensure they display quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, we run the risk of compromising the user's experience due to performance issues, resulting in slow or choppy visualizations that don't do justice to the effort invested.

The key lies in striking the perfect balance: enhancing visual quality without overloading the device's resources. If you wonder how to achieve this, our latest video tutorial is the resource you need.

In this tutorial, we explain both the process of optimizing and reducing the polygons of your models in 3D modeling software to make them lighter, as well as the adjustments that can be made in VT Pro to boost performance (Settings, Environment, Lights, Animations, Effects, and Skin tricks).

We provide you with the tools to ensure your 3D models display correctly, minimizing issues for your most complex scenes. Don't miss out and elevate the quality and performance of your 3D creations!

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